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Unilokomotive Limited manufactures the Unilok Road/Rail Wagon Mover or Shunting Locomotive used for moving railway wagons, carriages or locomotives. Uniloks are not truck conversions, but purpose built rail yard workhorses that travel as easily on road as on rail. Uniloks carry out shunting tasks that locomotives 4 to 5 times their weight would do, but with greater mobility and at a fraction of the cost.

Unilokomotive Ltd. developed its first road / rail wagon mover 60 years ago. Since our beginning, we have been designing and building shunters that are probably the most efficient, versatile and cost-effective machines on the market. Today, there are well over  2,500 Uniloks operating in over 80 countries - from port terminals in the Russian Arctic, to cement plants in the Malaysian tropics, to train and carriage repair facilities in the UK. 

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BQAI Certificate Number: 133

E-55s Tracktronic Series

The Unilok E-55s Tracktronic Road/ Rail Shunter with non-slip drive has state of the art technology and will move loads of up to 1,600 tonnes.

E-125s Tracktronic

This robust Road/Rail Shunter-Rail Car Mover using the Weight Transfer principle has Tracktronic control and moves loads up to 2,000 tonnes.

C-55s Tracktronic Series

This Rail only Shunter has the advantages of the E-55s machine with precision on-rail heavy load movement.

E-125 Series

A rugged Road/ Rail weight transfer machine for general purpose rail yard work with turntable fitted and having a range of optional equipment

A-55s Tracktronic Series

This Robotic Rail only shunter moves and positions train sets within the workshop or yard. All coupler systems fitted

D-125 Series

The original Unilok Road/Rail Shunter with patented Weight Transfer principle and turntable moves loads up to 1,200 tonnes on rail.

E-55 Road / Rail Shunter

The original non weight transfer Shunter moves variable load sizes on rail and can travel on rough terrain sites.

Special Purpose Machinery

Rail Machines to specific customer requirements are designed and built for all special applications in Motive Power, Transport, Rail Construction and Servicing etc.